Totally Nosikhiya Hai Hum …Dil Se ….Dimag Se!

Let us explain:
Ek Writer Hai …Who can write fantastically (Letter to Principal-Only). Baki Writing Ka Koi Ata-Pata Nahi Hai …Pucho To Kehte Hai …Abhi Likh Hi Raha Hu.

Ek Dancer Hai …Who can dance beautifully (Only Shaadi Wala Dance)…Uske Alava Dance Ka Unhe D Bhi Nahi Ata.

Ek Singer Bhi Hai …Who can sing rhythmatically – Only when the others are about to Sleep).

Kuch Bacche Bhi Hai …Lekin Vo To Bacche Hai ….Man Ke Sache Hai

In totality ..entire group is Nosikhiya …Dil Se…. These Anaris want to entertain you, in some basic form of raw rapping/singing, raw satire, etc etc…Sub Kuch Yaha Raw Hi Hai ….Raw & Original.

(i) to entertain …lightly …to see smile on your faces
(ii) that too…with the positive note, only positive vibes shd flow everwhere.
Abhi Itna Hi Yaad Aaa Raha Hai, Rest will update, Once I discover new thing about Us. Enjoy the Day, Daily Basis, Without Fail…. becoz Jindagi Ki Lambi Nahi Hai Rail!!
Message makes a big impact.

Conveying emotions through lyrics

Nosikhiya Gang is a team of professional writers and lyricists competent in writing for multifaceted avenues.